Friday, October 12, 2012

Gift of Flowers On Mother's Day

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood occur throughout the world. Mother's Day is one such day where we celebrate motherhood and mother's influence on the society. Mother's Day is a celebration to honour mothers and there are many ways of honouring her. One of the best ways to do so is to present her with a bunch of flowers.

Each flower has a special, traditional meaning and significance attached to it. The gift of flowers will express the appreciation for all that she does. It is a token of love for a mother's unconditional love and support. Flowers for mother's day are a simple form of saying thank you. Roses convey love and gratitude in general. A pink carnation is the flower for Mother's Day, symbolising 'always on my mind'.

Pink carnations are believed to have first grown from the ground where the Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus' death, according to Christian legend. Because of this, many believe carnations are a symbol of a mother's eternal love. Pink carnations represent gratitude and love while red carnations signify admiration. White carnations are traditional flowers to give or wear in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living.

Roses have long been associated with motherhood, making them a popular choice on Mother's Day. Roses were sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, seen as the ideal mother, and they also symbolize the Virgin Mary. Pink roses signify grace, elegance, and appreciation, while yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, so both colors are perfect to give your mom. A rose symbolizes grace in a medium pink hue, gratitude in a dark pink color, and youthful joy in light pink.

Mother's Day flowers don't end with roses. Another elegant choice is the lilac. Lilacs symbolize new love, that's why they are so popular at weddings. However, they also signify love between mother and child, making these beautiful flowers a special choice on Mother's Day.

The iris symbolizes affection and warmth, and some Christians associate the iris with the Virgin Mary. These gorgeous flowers come in a rainbow of colors, though white and blue irises tend to be more popular for the occasion. Symbolism is not the only factor to be considered while shopping for flowers for Mother's occasion. Special and specific tastes and likings are taken into consideration.


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