Friday, October 12, 2012

Popular Summer Flowers

Summer is the season of high temperatures and hot weather. The season is experienced from June to August in the northern hemisphere and from December to February in the southern hemisphere. The season also brings with it, various colorful and beautiful flowers, a landscape or flower arrangement can decorate. Part of the summer flowers that bloom from late June to September, are listed below.


There are different varieties of carnations and many of them bloom in summer. The carnation is famous for its beauty and variety of colors. It is also one of the most popular flowers in the world.
The flower is suitable for many occasions because of the different colors have different meanings. It is native to Eurasia, but is grown commercially in many countries since the last century.


This flower blooms from summer to fall and comes in various styles including pom and button style. Each flower head consists of different flowers. There are also different colors of chrysanthemums are available. These include yellow, white, red and purple. It originated in Eurasia and was brought to Japan several centuries ago.


This flower usually blooms in late summer and autumn. It grows wild in North America and southern Europe. It is very striking and comes in a wide spectrum of colors. These include white, blue, pink, purple and lavender. The flower usually has a yellow center.


Amaranthus, which is also known as the summer poinsettia, is a bright and striking flower. The flower blooms from June to November and is native to South America. It is very durable and is used in many dry bouquets. It comes in various colors ranging from bright red to dark green. It looks like a rope or a brush cascading to the floor of the trunk.


The flower blooms in summer and autumn, and is native to South and East Asia. It is also used in many dry bouquets. The flower is star shaped and comes in a wide variety of colors, including pink, white, red and purple. The clusters of hydrangeas sometimes resemble pompoms.

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