Monday, July 9, 2012

carnation flower information

Carnation is a perennial flower that is commonly used by florists in large arrangements, bouquets, vases, corsages and boutonnieres. Carnation flowers are found in a variety of beautiful and vivid colors and their amazing resilience allows them to maintain a relatively long shelf life.

Carnation has a scientific name "Dianthus caryophyllus" means "flower of the gods" and they are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. Is sometimes referred to as the genus, instead of the commonly known name. Carnations have been cultivated for over 2000 years and they are from Eurasia.
During the ancient Roman and Greek times, carnations were used in art and design and decor were mainly found in light pink and peach tones. However, the flower color over the centuries in shades of white, yellow, purple, red and sometimes green. There are approximately 250 to 300 species of this kind exists. Carnation is the national flower of Spain and the state flower of Ohio.

This herbaceous plant can grow to 32 inches, flowers have a sweet fragrance and bloom singly or grouped in 3 to 5 large clusters. The narrow and stalkless leaves have color ranges from green, gray blue to purple. The petals are ruffled and soft, and arranged in either an overlapping or any means or claw-like with serrated edges. Hybridized varieties to as many as 40 petals while single blooms known as Dianthus caryophllus have only five petals.

There are three main types of carnations, which are: Large flowers carnation, which grows with a large flower per stem, Spray carnation much smaller flowers per stem grows and Dwarf flowers carnation, which is the smallest type that consists of several flowers growing on a stem also. Carnations should be planted in moist but well drained soil.

Generally, the flower said to represent a woman's emotions and love. Red stands for admiration, rose represents undying love of a mother, white carnation is a demonstration of joy and purity. Striped carnation is an indication of regret or decay and purple color is representative of randomness of a woman. Maybe you want the meaning of a carnation flower consider before buying to avoid creating an unintended gesture.

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