Monday, July 23, 2012

The Advantages Of Growing Carnations

Carnations grow 16-18 "and make great borders or edges of the garden. They grow well and bloom in spring, lasting through the summer. The perennial species are hardy and can withstand light frost. Perennials should be mulched for winter protection against extreme cold temperatures. Carnations have few problems with insects and diseases and may occur early with biological or chemical insecticides and fungicides as appropriate treatment.

They can even be successfully planted in flowerbeds or containers. They produce a spicy clove-like scent, and the most common colors are white, red and pink. Carnations are often called "Pinks" in the garden. They are simply made on the basis of the many flowers on the stem, by squeezing out of all the flowers, with the exception of the center or at the end button.
Carnations are grown from seed. They can be directly sown in the flower garden, or planted in transplant later. If the plants to be grown outside, you have to sow in early spring. The soil should not be too wet. By sowing the carnation seeds, you need light cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil.

You need to space the seeds or seedlings 12 "apart. Bouquet carnations are available from a number of dedicated florists and specialty stores around the world. They make excellent gifts and decorations. The meaning associated with carnations his fascination, distinction, and love. Like many other flowers, different messages are also expressed by several of the flower color varieties.

Carnations are very popular flowers, especially as boutonnieres, in corsages, bouquets, and in a wide range of flowers for all occasions. The flowers grow large, full blooms on strong, straight and steal the flowers last. These flowers were known as "Jupiter's Flowers" in ancient Rome. This was to pay tribute to one of their beloved gods.

In many parts of the world, red and pink carnations are used to express love and gratitude toward parents on Parents Day, Mother's and Father's Day. Sometimes you see people wearing a corsage of carnations on their left lapel, in particular parents Day. The flower also acts teachers on Teacher's Day. Students, past and present, expressing their admiration and gratitude to their teachers with carnations.

The name carnation is synonymous with 'admiration', 'love' and 'gratitude'. According to a popular Christian legend, carnations first appeared as Jesus carried the cross to Golgotha ​​to assemble. While his blessed mother Mary tears of Jesus plight, carnations sprang up from where her tears fell! This is why the pink carnation is considered a symbol of eternal love of a mother. In 1907 was chosen as the emblem of Mother's Day. The market for the carnation flower is gaining popularity all over the world and the flowers have a niche for itself at authorized outlets.

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