Monday, July 9, 2012

Meaning of Carnations (flower)

Carnation is a fragile, resilient, and delightful flower. It is one of the world's oldest cultivated flowers that are cherished for its ruffled appearance, clove-like fragrance and long bloom period. The flower of the scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus generally translated as the flower of love or the flower of the gods. The many changes over time, recognition for carnations remained stronger. The fact that it remains until proof of his infinite charm.

The meanings of carnations include fascination, idiosyncrasy, and love. The same flowers are other similar messages can be expressed with the different colors of carnation. The bright red carnations are often the most appropriate to communicate to admiration, while darker red carnations speak to the deeper feelings of love and affection. The concepts of purity and happiness are related to the pure white carnations. The beautiful pink carnations, on the other hand, are usually given to a sense of gratitude and appreciation to show. Carnations became the official flower of Mother's Day in addition to the many specific meanings that the flowers for other cultures throughout the world.

Even in recent times, carnations still a very popular flower preference for many special occasions. To someone's eyes, this is familiar flowers. They keep a sense of charisma and glamor that never fail to fascinate people around the world. In fact, in many areas of the world, the fame of carnations is higher than that of another flower in addition to roses. The dominant feelings are these flowers can convey a large platter for their classic beauty and lasting freshness. By sticking to his class as a floral mainstay for so long, the carnation is located in a sustainable flower in more than one way.

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