Friday, July 27, 2012

carnation flower use for wedding

Wedding flowers cost is often a concern for brides-to-be who want elegant floral arrangements for their wedding, but do not know how to save without cutting flowers from their special day. As a retired wedding florist, may I suggest that the first line of the cost of wedding flowers is to carefully select your main flowers.

You want a flower that looks good to choose will coordinate with your theme or color scheme, will not have an overpowering smell that will give you a headache on your special day and a flower that will look and romantic wedding applicable. For this purpose I have compiled a list of the top 5 flowers that are perfect for your wedding cost conscious while saving you money on your wedding flowers.
Although carnations sometimes get a bad reputation as being the cheapest unwanted flower, the truth is, carnations are long lasting, smells sweet without being overpowering and are easy to work with. For the wedding elegance, I suggest to go with white or cream carnations carnations if you only use. If you prefer a mix of flowers, I would recommend the combination of carnations, daisy poms and fun for mixed bouquets that will not cost much and wild flowers that look, but it will take much longer and will not wilt in summer heat (as long as they have a source of water) Mini carnations are the perfect size for corsages and boutonnieres. A flower with a button is the ideal body flower with a hint of foliage and maybe a filler flower, such as baby's breath.

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