Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Save on Wedding Flowers

For many brides, an abundance of flowers and candles are important elements on their wedding day. But what if your budget does not afford you the freedom to thousands of dollars to spend on flowers. How do you achieve the look you want for less?

Flowers play a big role, both in wedding planning and cost, so give yourself a minimum of six months before the wedding to plan. It is good to some ideas early on, because you want your flowers to your dress, the overall color scheme and location to be filled.

Here are some budget-conscious ideas for the flowers - ways to make a beautiful visual impact without spending a fortune.
Decide if you want live or silk flowers. Silk flowers are less expensive. They look and feel like the real thing, but are usually about half the cost and can often be rented. You do not push your budget more than necessary and you're not stuck with after the ceremony and reception are over. If you choose not to rent the centerpieces be given away as a token of thanks to your guests.

If you decide to go with live flowers, it is important to choose flowers in season. Remember when choosing your flowers to remember where you live and when you marry. If you choose local flowers in season they will be more affordable than imported or exotic breeds. If you really an exotic flower species grown in your area, consider using silk flowers.

Choosing flowers that a full and open bloom, as mothers will spider gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, carnations, peonies, dahlias and Stephanotis will give you the appearance of more for less.

Carnations are one of the cheapest flowers. Many people do not like them. But when they are much so that the flowers are placed with each other, they can be striking. Consider a low square table centerpiece of 20 carnation blooms with all their green stems and removed.

Tulips, daisies, carnations, and many exotic flowers are less than half the price of roses and add texture and color to something else boring and traditional wedding packages. If you must have roses, limiting the number and add less expensive flowers as filler.

Think about choosing your flowers and priorities of the use of fillers such as green, baby breath, berries, and branches to fill in open spaces. Instead of the traditional fillers, accent your bouquets and arrangements with ribbon, crystals, pearls and tulle.

Large arrangements on an altar will only be seen from far away. Use silk or cheap flowers like carnations, and large flowers like filling snowball mothers.

Bridesmaids can carry a large single stem calla lily for a simple and elegant look.

For a stylish look to your centerpieces to a variety of candles can be reached at different heights in your flower arrangement. You can also accent the candles with a stem and floating candle. Four or five candles on top of rose petals to create elegant and inexpensive centerpiece. You can also easily create a centerpiece with wide shallow bowls filled with water and floating gerbera flowers.

Fill in spaces during the ceremony and reception locations, with lots of greenery instead of flowers. Large potted plants can be rented for considerably less than flowers. Ivy and other greenery are also attractive as an accent. Talk to Party Rental suppliers about renting large potted plants, such as tropical palms or ficus. They visually fill a lot of space, and will help frame your ceremony site or warm up your reception. Best of all, renting a plant is much cheaper than buying large packs. You can also consider purchasing these large plants and its use in your home afterwards to get more from their use.

Another popular way to save money is to decorate the head table with bridal party bouquets after the ceremony is over. After Formals taken, there will be nobody around that beautiful bouquets, but they will look beautiful tables. Another popular cost-saving measure applies to balloons or lanterns for modern centerpieces. Finally, pew bows and decorations are easy to make even for brides who "do not do crafts."

So when it comes down to it, effects are really pretty flowers all in the planning. Once you've chosen your appointments and décor, you just need a florist or designer and find your dreams, or acquire the skills and knowledge to do it yourself. If you're a florist, it is important to find them early, and even more important to choose one with a big reputation - never, never go alone to the price, or you can really disappointed.

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